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2021-05-13 13:50:14 zonecharge 349

Due to the shortage of chips, many manufacturers are in desperation. However, Zonecharge (Shenzhen) Power Supply Co., Ltd. ushered in an explosive period of wireless charging solutions for  mobile phones. Due to the sufficient chip inventory, after the May 1st holiday, Zonecharge has a lot of customers. CX806/CX808 orders are piled up, and the production department is running at full capacity to ensure the delivery time of customers' products.

Traditional QI products are already the Red Sea. Where is the next outlet for wireless mobile phone charging? After rigorous investigation and research, Zonecharge has determined the R&D direction of the QI standard compatible mobile phone charging solution. In 2019, the first-generation product CX806 was developed, which was recognized by the European market. After continuous optimization, the second-generation product CX808 was developed in 2020. The product is exquisite and compact, easy to install, and has dual functions of direct charging and wireless charging. And jointly developed a shared charging software platform with strategic partners, which is free and open for wireless charging operators. After trials by some operators in March and April, the market has reacted very hotly recently, with inquiries and orders being returned continuously.

CX808 Introduction

Wireless charging for mobile robot

    The CX806 wireless charging transmitter has two different charging distance solutions. It is installed under the desktop with a thickness of 15-28MM or 10-18MM, and the mobile phone can be charged by placing it on the desktop. The charger has the following characteristics:

1. The charging distance is 15-28MM or 10-18MM, and the charging power is 10W.

2. There is a USB interface on the side of the device, which is convenient for direct charging of mobile phones without wireless charging function.

3. Built-in Bluetooth switch, can communicate with the mobile phone, realize the function of scanning code and sharing charging.

4. Having a separate shared charging platform, you can scan WeChat to show the WeChat applet.

5. The shield is made of fireproof material, the product is beautiful and exquisite, and the adapter cable is 2 meters long, which is suitable for various installation environments.

6. Zonecharge owns the independent intellectual property rights of the product.

CX808 Applicable Environment

Wireless charging for mobile robot

1. Sharing wireless charging operation

At present, sharing wireless charging products are a supplement to sharing power bank, which are mainly installed in airport, cafes, hot pot restaurants, hotel rooms and other places. After the merchant launches the product independently, the customer scans the code and pays to charge the mobile phone. Some powerful merchants will customize the design of the shared charging platform and add special functions of the merchant. Such a shared charging method can not only increase the customer experience, but also increase the stickiness between the customer and the merchant.

2. Smart furniture accessory products

Traditional furniture has fierce competition and single function, but smart furniture is quite popular among young people and has better market prospects and development trends. At present, wireless charging transmitters have become a standard feature of many smart furniture manufacturers.

3. Public leisure area configuration

In the past two years, governments have equipped mobile phone charging areas at airports and bus stations, and wireless charging can also be seen next to park seats. When people are waiting for a car or leisure, the charging area will replenish the power of the mobile phone in time to avoid inconvenience caused by the mobile phone's power supply. Such convenient facilities have increased the convenience and happiness of citizens, and will surely become a trend in the construction of public facilities.

CX808 sharing wireless charging software background

Wireless charging for mobile robot

    In cooperation with professional sharing software developers, Zonecharge has developed a software payment platform for customers to use to ensure the safety of customer funds.  Customers do not need to pay software development fees or franchise fees when using it. This is a way for Zonecharge to support entrepreneurs to expand the market and save venture capital. The shared charging platform will open some functions, and operators can set the charging amount, charging time, and share ratio according to the regional market conditions. Customized desktop QR code stickers can also add customer's individual elements, allowing customers to form their own brand image.

      Zonecharge has been committed to the research and development and production of wireless charging modules. Mobile phone sharing wireless charging is one of the important achievements of Zonecharge Technology. In the fields of robots, AGVs, warehousing and logistics vehicles, electric tools, electic motorcycles, and tailless kitchen appliances, Zonecharge has formed mature solutions for wireless charging solutions with power from 2W to 3KW. Zonecharge sincerely welcomes you to discuss cooperation.