Wireless charging for mobile robot

ZhongHuiChuangZhi(Fuyang) Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative high-tech enterprise specializing in the research of wireless power transmission technology in China. Mastered a variety of wireless power transmission technologies such as point-to-point, planar, orbital, and three-dimensional, and has more than 260 independent patents, providing customers with reliable high, medium, and low-power wireless charging/charging solutions.

ZhongHuiChuangZhi's research and development team is led by experts awarded by the State Council, guided by doctoral professionals, and uses coupled magnetic resonance wireless energy transmission as the core technology. The products cover the power range of 2-3000W, has a production base of 8000 square meters, and is in the leading position in the research, sales and industry application of wireless charging technology.

ZhongHuiChuangZhi's solutions and products are widely used in more than 400 fields including smart home appliances, smart transportation, smart logistics, and smart manufacturing. These solutions are modularized and applied to different power devices, such as robots, electric bicycles, kitchen appliances, power tools, mobile phone charging, computer mice and smart wearable devices. 

Through automated, non-contact wireless power supply/charging technology, ZhongHuiChuangZhi achieves safe,smart and boundless power supply for various electrical equipment.