Wireless charging for mobile robot

Zonecharge(Shenzhen) Wireless Supply Co.,Ltd. has begin to do research on wireless charging in 2016. It is one of the earliest technological-innovative companies specialized in R&D on wireless power supply technology in China. With capital of 22 billon RMB, it has comprehensively mastered the technology of point to point, two dimensional, rail-mounted and three dimensional space wireless charging solutions in China. The company now has more than 120 patents, which can be applied for low, middle and high power wireless charging solutions. The wholly owned subsidiary company Zhonghui Innovation focuses on the business of low-power magnetic induction solution products. Zonecharge has been the leader of wireless power supply technology on research and industrial application in middle-power and high-power .

The company has mature magnetic resonance and Qi compatible magnetic induction wireless charging solutions, including lowpower electronics and intelligent wearable solutions wireless charging system for electric vehicles, robots/AGV, small household appliances, and intelligent home. All these have been modular application in the market.

Zonecharge History

2006 - Do comprehensive R&D on wireless charging fields 2012 - 3D wireless power supply shows in the first world wireless power supply summit 

2014 - The wireless power supply chips and modules have been independently developed and shipped. 

2015 - Aug. Zonecharge Wireless Power Tech Co., Ltd. was founded Sept. Won the national championship of the fourth China innovation and entrepreneurship Sept. 

The champion of the 4th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest Dec. Be member of China Electro-technical Society competition 

2016 - Jan. The ministry of science and technology ranked ZHCZ-m 3D wireless power supply technology as the international leader Mar. 

Attend National science and technology innovation conference Sept. Cordless kitchen appliance system developed successfully and it has a cooperation with a famous home appliance brand at home Oct. Become a member of Chinese Car Wireless Charging Standards Committee Nov. The robot wireless charging solution is delivered to the customer 

2017 - May. Shenzhen Zhonghui Innovation Technology Co., Ltd was founded Jun. Attend the third Asia consumer electronics show Jun. Zonecharge(Shenzhen) has obtained national intellectual property system certification Aug. Zonecharge has released the standard on wireless charging products Dec. Zonecharge has overcame EMC difficulties on medium and high power wireless charging 

2018 - Sept. Join the Shenzhen UAV Association as a council member October - Winner of China's First Wireless Power Transmission Competition. 

Invited to attend Samsung supplier's exhibition in Suwon headquarters of South Korea. December - Attending the standard-setting of China Household Electrical Appliances Wireless Power Transmission Sub-technical Committee. 

2019 - October - Zoneharge won the Certificate of National Hig -tech Enterprise. December - Participating in the annual meeting of Household Electrical Appliances and Wireless Power Transmission in standard setting

2020- ISO 9001 certification