Zonecharge medium and high-power wireless charging standard modules are ready!

2021-04-26 14:15:02 zonecharge 484

To meet the needs of customers' requirements, Zonecharge prepared a batch of standard modules for customers.

1. Wireless charging module for robot



 This solution is widely used in industrial products such as robots, unmanned delivery vehicles, and wheelchairs. The robot wireless charging scheme is mainly composed of two parts: the transmitter and the receiver. The receiver is placed in the robot body and connected to the energy storage device and the main control unit of the robot; the transmitter is externally connected to the mains. When it needs to be charged, the robot returns to the charging area, and the transmitter and the receiver are paired successfully, and the charging starts. At present, for 24V/36V/48V power batteries, wireless charging standard modules have been introduced, which are suitable for various lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, and supercapacitors.

There are currently 3 models of standard modules, namely ZH-Rob-S150, ZH-Rob-S400, and ZH-Rob-S500 have been shipped in batches for industry applications.

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 Input voltage

 AC220V±15 per cent

 AC220V±15 per cent

 AC220V±15 per cent

 Input current

 2A (MAX)

 3A (MAX)

 4A (MAX)


 Output voltage

 V DC 22~29.8

22~29.8 V and 42~58 V

 42~60 V

 Output current

 3-5 A

 10-15 A (24V)\10 A (36V)\5-8 A (48V)


 Charging distance

 40±10 mm

 40±10 mm

 40±10 mm

 X axis deviation

 mm ±20

 mm ±20

 mm ±20

 Y axis deviation

 mm ±20

 mm ±20

 mm ±20

Wireless charging for mobile robot

The wireless charging module is composed of a transmitter and receiver. Transmitter including the transmitting host and transmitting pad; Receiver including the receiving host and receiving pad. The receiver is embedded into the robot and connected with power and the main controller while the transmitter is connected with AC. When charging is needed, the robot reaches the designated charging position, and the transmitter host and the receiver host establish communication to achieve charging.The size of the transmitting/receiving host and the transmitting/receiving pad can be customized according to customers' requirements.

2.Technical features of wireless charging module:


1)The company has its core control drive module, which can be quickly mass-produced and commercialized;

2)The industry's most headache problem, foreign body identification solutions, the company has four patent certificates;

3)Our technology has been well solved in EMC and other testing items, and customers have passed the explosion-proof certification for the whole machine;

4)It has been mass-produced, the overall cost is reduced, and it is very competitive in the market.

Foreign body recognition patent certificate

5)The module has passed the EMC and EMI test.

3. Market prospects of wireless charging modules:

1) Wireless charging has very broad application prospects in artificial intelligence equipment, such as inspection robots, mobile robots, orbital robots, unmanned vehicles, unmanned distribution logistics vehicles, inspection drones, industrial AGVs, and underwater

2) The wireless charging technology will make the product no longer have the traditional charging socket, and improve the aesthetics of the product design. At the same time, the product has the functions of waterproof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof. It is perfect for consumer electronics, kitchen appliances, mining equipment, and other products. Performance, improve safety.



4. Industry status:

1) Participate in the formulation of a series of national standards such as "Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging System" and "Urban Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging System Technical Regulations".

2) The first to formulate and publish the "Robot Wireless Charging Enterprise Standard" and the "Motorcycle Wireless Power Supply Enterprise Standard";

3) The number of patents in the magnetic resonance wireless charging industry is second in the world, with more than 250 patents.

4) The only domestic application in tailless kitchen appliances and wireless charging technology. The 6-piece set has obtained 3C certification.

5) National leading company in the field of medium and high power, and also the maker of the national 3C standard.

6) After testing feedback and suggestions from many customers in the robotics industry, based on the first-generation prototype, our company mass-produced the second-generation wireless charging standard module in June 2017. At present, it has cooperated with more than 60 service robots and inspection robots. , AGV companies have established cooperation, and the charging performance and stability have been fully verified.

7) Zonecharge is willing to develop together with the industry, and its technology is constantly updated and iterated. Currently, it has been developing the direction of 30A high current, and further promotes the further industrialization of medium and high power wireless charging technology.