Charterhouse Cordless Kitchen with Zonecharge Wireless Supply Module on the AWE Show!

2021-04-26 11:44:05 zonecharge 402

On March 23-25, 2021, Charterhouse wireless-powered kitchen appliances showed on Shanghai AWE Exhibition. Received a enthusiastic response!

At this AWE exhibition, Charterhouse launched the 100-2200W wireless power kitchen appliance product series for the first time in China. As the biggest feature of Charthouse, after the world's first mass production and export of cordless kitchen appliances in 2020, it was officially introduced into the domestic market in 2021. The appliances have no wires, and the kitchen does not need plugs. Bring a sense of innovation to your kitchen appliances.

Zonecharge provides comprehensive technical support for Charterhouse's wirelessly powered kitchen appliances.

Since the establishment of a wireless power supply team for home appliances (currently kitchen appliances) in June 2016, Zonecharge has been insisting on special development. So far, Zonecharge is the world's first company that can provide wireless charging solutions for kitchen appliances and its products have been successfully marketed. The wireless-powered kitchen appliances in cooperation with Charterhouse have been sold overseas in 2020 and continue to receive praise.

Cordless Kitchen Two Wireless Supply Solutions

1.Stove capable of heating and supplying electricity

Dual-function electrical appliances that integrate the power supply of wireless kitchen appliances and the transmitter of the induction cooker function

This kind of stove can not only supply power to wirelessly powered kitchen appliances but also has a traditional induction heating function (induction cooker function). Several different kitchen appliances can be used on the stove at the same time. For example, the left side can be used to heat the soup pot, and the right side can be used to power the juicer. Convenient and fast, saving kitchen area. Easy to clean up.

Do you need customized kitchenware?

All cooking utensils that can be used for induction cooker heating can be used directly.

For power supply appliances, an electromagnetic receiving module needs to be added at the bottom.

◆ Types of adaptable receivers:

   A. Ordinary pot (stainless steel pot)

   B. Electrical appliances (with receiving coil)

   C. Smart pot (ordinary pot + with intelligent temperature adjustment function)

◆ Electrical parameters

   Power: 3000W Max (double furnace), 2000W Max (single furnace)

   Standby power: less than 2W


◆ Power supply distance and work efficiency

   Vertical direction: 0~1cm (the distance between the stove panel and the bottom of the electrical appliance)

             0~3cm (between the transmitting end coil and the receiving end coil)

             The work efficiency is controlled at 85%~90%

   Horizontal direction: 0~3cm, work efficiency is controlled at 85%~90%

2. Hidden wireless power kitchen appliances

To meet the different needs of customers. The wireless power transmitter can be integrated into cabinets or furniture for use. It is also possible to embed the wireless transmitter integrated with the induction cooker function in the cooktop or directly put it under the tabletop for use. The recommended installation location of the wireless power transmitter is under the exhaust fan or range hood and near the socket.

Note: If the thickness of the cooktop or dining table exceeds 3CM, a corresponding groove can be designed where the generator is installed.

Safety Standard

Zonecharge participated in the preparation of national standards to eliminate all kinds of concerns of consumers.

Editor-in-chief of TC46 industry standard "Electromagnetic cooktop with wireless power supply function"

Editor-in-chief of TC46 industry standard "Wireless Powered Blender"

Participated in the compilation of the industry standard "Guidelines for the Design of Wireless Power Supply Kitchen System"

Participated in the compilation of the TC46 standard "Wireless Power Home Appliances Interface Protocol"

Participated in the development of international standards

Home wireless power supply Ki standard