• Z1Phone Wireless Charger

    Z1Phone Wireless Charger

    qi wireless charger, foldable wireless charger,customize wireless charger

    Z1 wireless charger can be foldable. Deformable to meet different needs of customers

  • CX808 Slotted Wireless Charger

    CX808 Slotted Wireless Charger

    wireless charger under desk, non- contact wireless charger for phones,long-distance wireless charger

    This wireless charger can be installed under the desk. The charging distance is 10-30mm. It is especially suitable for cafes, restaurants and bars.

  • C1 Car wireless Charger

    C1 Car wireless Charger

    car wireless charging, wireless charging for car,car fast wireless charger,wireless charger for car,car wireless charge,wirless charge for car

    C1 car wireless charger is very convenient for using.The phone can be fixed by just puttig it downm,simple and practical