Zhonghui Chuangzhi New Product Express: dual functions of heating & wireless charging, a new trend in smart life

2024-04-02 09:13:53 ZZ 9

Today, with the rapid advancement of technology, Zhonghui Chuangzhi, as a professional wireless charging solution provider, once again leads the industry trend and launches an innovative module product - a smart charger that can achieve dual functions of heating and wireless charging. The advent of this product not only brings unprecedented convenience experience to consumers, but is also a major breakthrough in the field of smart home.

Wireless charging for mobile robot

The design of this charger takes into account both aesthetics and practicality. Its ultra-thin body and round shape not only saves space, but also makes it a beautiful addition to home decoration. The combination of high-quality tempered glass panels and metal materials not only improves the texture of the product, but also optimizes heat dissipation performance to ensure that it remains stable and reliable for long-term use.

Technically, this charger from Zhonghui Chuangzhi supports Qi2 wireless charging technology, with a maximum charging power of 35.4W, and can provide fast charging services for various compatible smartphones. At the same time, the built-in digital PID temperature control logic ensures the uniformity and heat preservation effect of the heating process. Whether it is heating pre-made dishes or hot drinks, you can enjoy delicious food in a short time.

Wireless charging for mobile robot

In terms of safety, the charger has foreign object detection and over-temperature protection functions, which effectively avoids safety hazards caused by metal foreign objects or air burning. Users can use it with confidence and enjoy the convenience brought by technology.

Wireless charging for mobile robot

Zhonghui Chuangzhi Company relies on its profound technological accumulation in the field of wireless charging to launch this heating & wireless charging dual-function module, which not only meets consumers' needs for efficient charging, but also provides users with unique heating functions. Brings extra warmth and convenience to your life. The launch of this product marks another innovation and breakthrough of Zhonghui Chuangzhi in the field of smart home, creating a more intelligent and humanized life experience for users.