Future has come: QI2 standard under the magnetic cell phone wireless charger

2024-06-11 16:26:45 ZZ 9

QI2 is an open wireless charging protocol that has been standardized by the wireless charging consortium (WPC). Qi2 wireless charging is a new technology in the field of wireless charging. As an upgrade of Qi wireless charging standard, it has been upgraded and optimized in many aspects, three times the power of the original standard (5W) , and twice the power of Apple's Magsafe (7.5 W) when it launched, offering a more convenient, efficient and secure charging experience.

Wireless charging for mobile robot

Zhonghui Chuangzhi as a leading enterprise in wireless charging field, the introduction of QI2 mobile phone wireless charger is the embodiment of its technical strength and market insight. Qi2 mobile phone wireless charger as a new generation of wireless charging technology representatives, to meet the public for efficient, convenient and safe charging needs. Qi2 mobile phone wireless charger has the following features:

1. Efficient charging: Qi2 wireless charging standard uses a new 360kHz frequency range to work, which not only improves charging efficiency, but also effectively reduces charging time. At the same time, the introduction of magnetic technology, QI2 wireless charging for mobile phones, tablets and other devices to provide more stable, efficient charging service, and charging speed and cable charging.

2. Magnetic location: through magnetic technology, QI2 mobile phone wireless charger can be accurately aligned with the Charger, without manual adjustment of the position, to achieve fast and stable charging. This design not only improves the user's convenience, but also reduces the problem of low charging efficiency caused by inaccurate location.

Wireless charging for mobile robot

3. Wide compatibility: Qi2 Mobile Phone Wireless Charger supports a variety of brands and models of mobile phones, with a wide range of compatibility. The Charger is available for Apple, Samsung and other phones that support the Qi wireless charging standard.

4. Safety Protection: The Charger has built-in multiple safety protection mechanisms, such as over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-heat protection, to ensure that there will be no safety problems during the charging process. At the same time, QI2 wireless charging standard also enhanced the foreign body detection function, effectively avoided the foreign body interference caused by the charging failure.

Wireless charging for mobile robot

Qi2 wireless charging as a new generation of wireless charging technology, has significant advantages and broad application prospects. By upgrading and innovating in magnetic location, improving charging energy efficiency and power, supporting more devices and enhancing security, the utility model continuously meets the needs of users for efficient, convenient and safe charging, it will become the important development direction of wireless charging field in the future.