Mobile Inspection Robot Wireless Charging

Wireless charging module for mobile inspection robot.

  • Output power: 30W-1500W
  • model: S150
  • Output voltage: 22~60V
  • Distance: 1cm-5cm
  • Output current: 5-15A
  • Working temperature: -20~+50℃

       The mine explosion-proof and wheeled inspection robot is composed of the robot body, wireless base station, and remote workstation. Mainly used in coal mines and other places, it can replace inspection workers to inspect equipment and the environment, which greatly improves the safety management and intelligence level of the coal industry.

        The patrol robot uses contactless wireless charging to achieve this: install a wireless charging pile in the charging area, and when the patrol robot's power goes low, it will automatically navigate to the charging pile for charging. One charging pile can charge multiple machines at different times. The charging pile can be completely sealed for waterproof and dustproof treatment. The wireless charging receiver module carried by the inspection robot can also be sealed and packaged to prevent corrosion, water vapor, oxidation and other factors that affect the charging function, making the inspection robot more intelligent and safe, realizing automatic charging and unmanned management. Improve the security of the mining environment.

Magnetic Resonance Wireless Charging Module