Hospital disinfection robot wireless charging solution

Hospital disinfection robot wireless charging module will make the robot more intelligent.

  • Output power: 60W-1500W
  • model: S150
  • Output voltage: 22~29.8V DC
  • Distance: 1cm-5cm
  • Output current: 3-15A
  • Working temperature: -20~+50℃

      The biggest highlight of the UVC lamp self-driving disinfection robot is that it is equipped with a wireless charging solution, which can operate fully automatically, and uses lidar technology similar to the self-driving car to guide the disinfection and sterilization movement of the UVC lamp self-driving disinfection robot; at the same time, work Personnel only need to remotely supervise and control in a safe area; the self-driving disinfection robot with UVC light can automatically locate the point of disinfection and sterilization, and ensure effective sterilization within one meter; therefore, it integrates double disinfection and sterilization and efficient intelligent protection , The fully automated operation is a UVC lamp self-driving disinfection robot, which can effectively reduce the frequency of people entering the isolation area and the risk of cross infection, and greatly reduce the work intensity of disinfection and sterilization protection in public places, hospitals, and isolation areas.

       When the disinfection robot needs to be charged, it will automatically report a request for charging, which will be commanded by the computer control center and reach the command area for charging. After the charging is completed, the disinfection robot automatically leaves the charging system to continue working. The entire wireless charging process is automated, unmanned, convenient and intelligent. The disinfection robot after using wireless charging can also disinfect itself completely. The fully sealed wireless charging module can sterilize 360 degrees without dead ends. The wireless charging pile can be installed on the side of the wall or under the ground. It greatly saves the area of the hospital and facilitates the disinfection and cleaning of the hospital itself.