Electric tools wireless charging solution

Electric tools wireless charging module can make the tools water-proof,dust-proof and easy to disinfect.

  • Output power: 60W-1500W
  • model: S150
  • Output voltage: 22~60V
  • Distance: 1cm-5cm
  • Output current: 3-15A
  • Working temperature: -20~+50℃

       The magnetic resonance wireless charging solution below 100W provides all-weather charging and no artificial servo charging solutions for users in industries such as electric tools and medical equipment.

      The water-dust-proof sealed charging module can carry out all-round disinfection and washing, clean and hygienic, and completely solve the pain points of contact wireless charging.

       Since the wireless charging of electric tools and medical equipment requires different sizes, sizes and shapes of charging modules, almost all of them need to be customized. Our company can provide free samples for customers to test according to customer needs. In addition, the demand for such wireless charging modules is large and the quality requirements are strict. The factory must cooperate with production. Our factory has strict quality control and realizes the full inspection and aging of wireless charging modules. The production line standards, safety and health, have passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. Fully meet customer needs.