Slotted wireless charger

It can be installed under the desk . The phone can be charge on the surface of the desk. It can work under all kind of material desk except metal.

  • Output power: 10W-50W
  • model: CX808
  • Output voltage: 22~29.8V DC
  • Distance: 1cm-3cm
  • Output current: 3-5A
  • Working temperature: -20~+50℃

      The low-power wireless charging solution is compatible with QI standard equipment, and realizes 3CM air-to-air charging. It is hidden and installed under desks and coffee tables to charge mobile phones, computers and peripherals, projectors and other equipment, which solves the problems of convenience and safety. ,To create a modern and convenient electricity environment.

       Due to the rise of shared wireless charging, our unique shared air wireless charging model has been launched on the market. It is now in hot shipment. Welcome to inquire.

       In addition, our company currently has three different wireless charging models, CX806, CX806SE, and CX808. The parameters of these three airborne wireless chargers are as follows:

Charging VoltageCharging CurrentCharging PowerCharging DistanceUSB interface

The following is the video of the CX806 wireless charger. Our company can also provide only the solution (PCBA).